The day started extremely well with voice message songs and calls from my family and friends as early as 00:15AM just to wish me a Happy Birthday. I couldn’t stop laughing hearing some struggle in a bid to sing for me a birthday song. I appreciate all of you who took the courage and boldness to sing for me, those who wrote on my Facebook wall HBD wishes, those who inboxed’ me and those who called, you made my day awesome, God bless you so much.

I wanted a simple dinner party with few friends and family thus set for just 8pp’ My sister and close friends, which started at 8:30pm with the dress code being white n’ black or white n’ gold. All my friends slayed it. They looked super awesome in white. As the birthday gal I needed a pop-up color that will contrast white well. I thought to myself, red, green, yellow, purple or black are so common, I wanted a unique rare color but outstanding, and I found aqua to be the perfect choice for my birthday dinner party. The Design of the dress mesmerized me, it was bare back with high-long side slit and all flowing in length.
I started with a few photos of the dinner dress at the entrance of hotel DusitD2 where we held the dinner party.
dsc_0386 dsc_0375 dsc_0377 dsc_0376
AT the table, she was showing me kind Birthday wishes from a friend who couldn’t make it to come. Thanks Billy, the wishes were well received.
A toast to me.
Gals chit chat while trying to keep ourselves warm.
It was the most tastiest Cake ever, So beautiful in appearance. When I called on Friday morning the Chef told me that he is gonna surprise me with a YOLO cake on the D-day. And I was like you mean ‘You Only Live Once’ is the name of the cake? he was like yeah, but just a hint, it will be strawberry decorated kinda cake, no more details. And men, it was the best surprise ever, I we loved it. My sister couldn’t stop inquiring the ingredients of the cake as she swallowed big portions of it because it had all sorts of flavors. As if she didn’t have enough, she woke up with it again this morning saying her work colleagues have to also taste it. Many thanks to Phiona and DusitD2 Chef for the best cake ever. God bless you.
dsc_0438 dsc_0479 dsc_0488 dsc_0529
That look you give when she is supposed to feed you but she wanna taste it first. The kind of sister I have.
Waiting for it eagerly.
dsc_0550 dsc_0561
Can you believe this is and edible cake of a house? was a bout to touch it only to read the sign ‘Do Not Touch’.
As we finished the dinner at around 11:45Pm we took a few photos as we said Goodnight to one another.
dsc_0589 dsc_0635 dsc_0590
The night was such a success and fun.
Many Thanks to you all my lovelies.

Hairdo-By Nancy
Photography by friends.
Location – DusitD2 hotel Riverside Drive.


  1. I’m happy you liked everything was in other outlet but was hoping you would enjoy your cake and reservation spot. Happy belated birthday and to many more blessings. I’m Fiona btw 😘😘😘😘


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