So whats new? what kind of birthday gifts did I get on my birthday week?

Well I bet they are the best ever. my heart melted as I opened the gifts one by one. So much love, care, and affection expressed through these gifts by family and friends.
1. Samsung galaxy note 5 – This one really caught me by surprise, it made me shade tears of joy.The gesture of kindness seemed to say, “I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile”. You totally went out of your way to get me this super awesome phone, many thanks aren’t enough, May God in heaven richly bless you.
We all know how amazing this phone’s camera features are both for video and photos, it’s super amazing. my blogging life made so easy with this phone. You still wondering how? well see how clear the video mode and photo mode scenes are below. Super clear. Aren’t they awesome?
dsc_0666 dsc_0667
2. Michael Kors wrist watch –
One of my best watch designers. What excites me about it is the fact that it’s a boyfriends watch, I love it. The one who gave me this must have studied me so well to know what I love. Many thanks to you, if you are reading this. The color is also my favorite.
3. Crazy moody perfume.
The scent is out of this world. obsessed with it already.I love it.
I wonder how my friend knew that my Flower perfume is almost over as seen in the photo below.
Just when it’s almost over a new one comes with much more lovely scent. God is indeed great-Provider.
4. Set of jewelry -From wrist watch to matching necklace and finally to lovely earrings, so completely in love with these beauties.
5. Well this friend of mine definitely knew that since I do fashion, I have to read more of fashion magazines to learn more in this field and so he/she got me the latest Couture Africa edition magazine for this Dec. What a friend?
dsc_0676 dsc_0675
6. Clutch Bag – most beautiful, from outer material to its design, texture and the interior, it’s the best.dsc_0656
7. The Nails Phone cover – The phone came dressed already in this cover. Isn’t it beautiful? So unique, I haven’t seen any like this yet in Nairobi. Everyone is asking me where did you get such? and I’m like it’s a gift. Lol the looks on their faces makes me wanna looks for such covers for them.
Don’t I just have awesome friends and family?
Indeed true friends are the greatest of all blessings.
You surely know how to best surprise me.
You are truly darlings. Many kisses to you all.
God bless ya for all your efforts.
Disclaimer: I’m still receiving gifts, keep them coming LOL.


  1. When a man gives you perfume, know that he doesn’t see you only as a friend but more than that. So Jealous but you deserve such queenly treatment.


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