Hello Lovelies, Sorry I faced network problems yesterday night and so couldn’t be able to post at midnight as promised. Thanks for understanding Lol. back to swahili outfit.

Dheras are the most comfortable dresses ever in this world. Its a dress for all type of women and all body shapes. They are so common back home in Mombasa, but growing up I disliked them because my unique nature in me couldn’t allow me to wear something I see all around all the time. Doing fashion & style blogging has eased me up  because what I’ve worn from whichever boutique people go buying the outfits really quick, so I really don’t mind nowadays.
You can find this dhera and so much more different designs, patterns and colors at Queenly world online store on Facebook at a very affordable price. You know there are those Dheras you wash and then they shrink or loose their original color, but this ones have really good material even after washing them, the color & material still remains the same. Buy one & you won’t be disappointed.
When going African, I love going fully, and this Maasai beaded sandals completed my look. I got them from Vera African Curio on Facebook. You get to send her the design of the sandal and she makes it so unique just for you, isn’t that awesome?  She is making one super unique sandal that I can’t wait to share with you lovelies.Give her a call.
Well enjoy the rest of the photos. Tomorrow I will be back again with another super awesome Dhera that looks like a Kitenge.

let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.


well this is how we sit down with our dheras in Mombasa, Lol.DSC_0161




much love.
To all women, Happy Women’s Day.


  1. You are beautiful Ms. Kaela even in free dress like dhera you still look stunning. love you and your passion so much

  2. wow aren’t you just beautiful, going through your blog and I realize how all the outfits looks so good on you.You are blessed


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