Tops or T-Shirts no matter how simple they are or look, one can transform them into an office/official/formal look. Generally they have a tendency of looking so casual, but with a touch up here and there they can transform into an elegant formal look.

Here are but a few tips to transform a simple top/T-shirt into a Formal look.
1) Add an official coat on top
2) A belt does instant transformation magic
3) Tuck in your top or T-shirt.
4) Tie the edges of the T-shirt neatly behind and pair with an official skirt or trouser.
5) Wear the T-shirt with a Official/pencil skirt or official trouser #tuckin
6) Put on a pair of official heels or stilettos.
7) Accessorize with Jewelry.
8) Carry a Formal handbag.

With the above Tips you can play however you want with your simple tops/T-shirts into a formal look anytime.

Hoping to do a video soon about the above tips, so keep it locked in here.

I went with tip 5 and 6 to transform my simple top into an elegant & bold office look. take a look of the photos below.

Is this article helpful? Do you like my outfit below? let me know in the comment box below.

Much love.










Photography By a friend
Top – Gift
Pencil skirt – Fashion 254
Black official shoes – Frances Boutique
Handbag – Sasa mall Ground floor (can’t seem to remember the name of the shop)
Necklace – jay’s Trendy Collection


  1. Your hair is extremely beautiful, now to your outfit and styling tips they are amazing. I really love your work

  2. O my god! this is too beautiful, now I know what to do with my plain simple tops and t-shirts. thanks Ms. Kaela

  3. Thanks the outfit is amazing,,,,Now my stress is gone…on how to look official…when am out of choices..😍😍😍😍

  4. Absolutely in love with the outfit and the fashion tips. I don’t have to buy new official clothes, my plain t-shirts willl do LOl

  5. I wonder why I did stumble into this blog long time ago, great work, great pics, great tips and above all you are so beautiful #bodygoals.


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