Shocked??? Don’t Be. Yes we wear very cheap mitumba (2nd Hand clothes) and  style them so good that nobody will believe that they are indeed mutumba.

Mitumba clothes has the biggest market in kenya or rather sale the most. Reason it’s because they are cheap, unique and some are really durable. They range from different prices, from as cheap as Kshs.20 to Kshs. 10,000 (what they call Camera clothes)

When it comes to fashion&style world anything can be transformed with excellent styling skills. Key words are styling skills. You might have a very expensive dress but with poor styling it won’t be eye-catching n’ valuable, at the same time you can have a so cheap dress, style it well and it will look more cool and valuable than the expensive dress.

So there was this day 1 year ago that I was in Salon and one hawker came selling mitumba clothes in the salon. As people were busy checking and trying the clothes, nobody bothered about the dress.I picked the dress n’ my friend was like where will you wear it? it ain’t attractive and plus it looks like sack cloth. I was like, that’s the gist about the dress, I love it and I’m gonna buy it. I’ve never regretted buying it.

The last time I shared it here on the blog I styled it for casual wear, (click here to see) but today I styled it for an official look.

Below are the photos.

Do you like it? let me know your thoughts about the outfit.


Much Love.
Awesome Monday.







Dress – bought it from a hawker
Shoes – Frances Boutiques
Necklace – My wardrobe
Belt – Roysambu market

Photography by a friend



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