First things first, Easter reminds us never to lose faith in God. For he may take sometime, he will never leave your prayers unanswered. All you got to do is, place your trust in him and watch him work magical wonders in your life.
As you celebrate it may your Easter Basket be full of JOY, HAPPINESS and PEACE today and always.
Happy Happy Happy Easter my beloveds.
Love you.

meanwhile Enjoy my bliss of joy in the photos below of Good Friday celebrations with a simple outfit full of kicks and playfulness all over.

Let me say this from the bottom of my heart; Your frequent visits to my blog, your comments, your likes on my articles and shares to your social media has made me not to give up and quit fashion blogging, they’ve been such an encouragement to me. As I celebrate the risen Christ who laid down His Life Just To Save Me, I celebrate you too and pray that the Almighty God who never sleep nor slumber May bless all your endeavors for the support you’ve shown me and even as you continue to do so.
Again I love you love you love you to the moon and back.








Shoes – LC waikiki 2 rivers mall
Body Suit and pants – Adams market
Choker neck – Macy’s beauty hub
Nail art – Ashleys salon


  1. Your blog, your fb page they’re such an encouragement let not the thought of quitting fashion blogging cross your mind, praying for you.
    Happy Easter

  2. Awesome message but I didn’t like that bit of you a times thinking of quiting, you are my role model and every time I wake up just to, get the will and encouragements of life on your FB page. How I pray that you never quit.
    Love you & Happy easter

  3. Long time but I always come back here to find more exciting things with mush inspiration, Happy easter and keep up the good work

  4. You might not see the fruits of your hardwork now but trust me one day you wwill and you will glorify God for enabling you not to quit. My prayers are always with you hun, Happy easter

  5. My prayers for you this Easter is that God may take you international in your fashion blogging coz you deserve it.
    Happy Easter

  6. You are simply amazing gal, I kinda love your encouragements how about you have such in all your articles that is either at the beginning or at the end. Think about it
    Happy Easter


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