Quote: Nobody can make you happy until you are happy with yourself.

The truth is no one is going to love you if you don’t love yourself, you first learn to show love to yourself before you show it to others. If you value yourself you will value others, that’s why you should fall in love with taking care of yourself; mind, body & spirit with no apologies.

People/somebody shouldn’t be the reason why you take care of yourself but you should do it because of YOU, that’s the most powerful driving force.’If you want to soar in life you must learn first to F.L.Y (First Love Yourself)’, know what you deserve, your value and your worth.

Love who you are, make yourself more beautiful; treat yourself, get a nice classic clean shave, go for manicure/pedicure,make your hair awesome, shower yourself with good things, go shopping, do that massage/hair cut/hair do that you crave for, workout,Keep fit, eat the foods you crave, diet, keep that body perfect & clean, create time for yourself,observe self hygiene, go for movies, dance, party, enjoy, be happy, Let go of negative people, people who don’t appreciate you, people who don’t value you & people who don’t see yourself worth, surround yourself with people who build you, build yourself mentally and spiritually with right books; And that’s the beginning of life long romance.

Remember, Relationship With Yourself Sets The Tone For Every Other Relationship You Have.

Let’s begin this LIFE LONG ROMANCE.

Without further due let me go love myself now.

As you love yourself, remember I love you too much.
Awesome Monday.

















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  1. I needed to hear those words, I have been doing everything to get other people approval, like and attention but starting today I will love me and not care of anybody else approval

  2. Best Easter message, nobody is gonna love you like you do it yourself very true, self love flows to others

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