This is for those days when you got so busy during the weekend that you didn’t get time to do laundry, or the lady who helps with laundry was so busy or even maybe your washing machine got faulty and you just can’t figure out what to wear, and a times is due to the fact that you’ve just run out of all possible options of outfit and you just can’t seem to see anything good to wear in your closet. At such a time, stop, take a deep breath in and out, calm yourself, gather all your courage that you might need in the world, lift one leg after the other towards your closet or wardrobe where you put your precious little things, (bikini, undergarments, bodysuits etc), stretch your hands steadily and reach out for most sexiest bikini or swim suit, then go back to your closet find a nice high-waist trouser and any cute coat with nice heels, get into them like a fashion pro and step out of the house like you own the world. Yes this is so like me last Saturday

tip 1. make sure the bikini pant is a little bit high at the waist to the high-waist trouser so as to be seen.
tip 2. Choose a colors that blend or contrast each other well.
tip 3. Feel yourself, be confident and bold.
tip 4. Be sure to enjoy the rest of the day with all smiles, giggles and laughter
tip 4. Thank me later, lol.

Thanks for stopping by.
Your thoughts about the outfit in the comment box below will be highly appreciated.
Have a super fantastic Thursday.
Love You.

DSC_0351 DSC_0341DSC_0329 DSC_0316DSC_0339 DSC_0333DSC_0325
Bikini – forever Trendy
Trouser – My Wardrobe
Shoes – Bata
Coat – wardrobe


  1. Lol gal you killed it, I thought I was reading a novel of a popular writer only to end too soon, you got me there.

  2. Damn you so know how to catch peoples attention, that article is so well crafted plus you looking super sexy

  3. O my God, this doesn’t need my courage alone all people in the world should lend me their courage too to pull off this look, any way you look super awesome

  4. Baby you’re sexy. I’d love to photograph you one day. When are you next coming to London? I want a private and intimate photo session with you. 😉 I’d love to watch you try on clothes and walk around looking classy taking pics of you. Next time you are coming to London put a post on your website so i know you are coming. I wanna buy you dinner and treat you babe. 😉 I’ll treat you real good if you know what i mean. 😉 x x x x


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