1. Multi-String Bikini

A times amidst the pressure, crisis, misfortune, stress, emergencies and horrible circumstances, you just have to create time to do the one thing that you love the most to distract you from the horrible situations and force a smile out of your face. when I’m stressed I usually turn to the things I love doing e.g my hobbies to clear up my mind.

Last week wasn’t interesting at all , was filled with too much pressure and stress, but there’s one thing that kept me looking forward to the end of the day, evenings and beginning of the day, mornings. The sight of it will make me smile and forget all my worries, it’s as if all the things clogging up my mind were washed away all of a sudden with just a step into it, yeah the swimming pools and the Indian Ocean.

I would’ve loved so much to swim at the Indian ocean that period of time, but I always got back to the hotel too late for it and woke up too early for it too and so I had to enjoy the swimming pool very early in the morning 6:30AM-8:30AM and very late in the evening 6pm-8pm, yes I made sure of it each n’ every damn day.

I had carried with me 3 stylish bikinis that I love the most.
I know many women say ‘I don’t have a bikini body’, ‘what should I do to have a bikini body?’. Well gals, you only need a bikini and your body to make a bikini-body and rock the beach. But what you should have in mind is buying a bikini suitable for your body shape.

The first Bikini to share with you is this awesome colorful multi-string Bikini from forever trendy.











Bikini – Forever Trendy
Photography By A Friend

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  1. Beach babe!! U look gorgeous! I love the bright colours and the string detail looks great. I would like to see the other bikinis u wore too. πŸ˜‰ Man I wish I was there it really looks stunning. x x x


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