The goal of each human is to look good in whatever they dress thus the saying “Look Good, Feel Good’. Sometimes we overlook the very pieces of cloth that will make us look stylish, keep us warm etc and shop for ones that won’t be of much help during cold or hot seasons and also in the fashion world. But then they are always readily available and you can buy them anytime once you get to know how important they are.

1.Polo-necks are extremely important clothes that are a must have.
You wondering why? well it’s because of the below simple reasons;
– They are always stylish
– Always Keep you warm
– They can be styled with nice necklaces of all kinds, scarfs, a throw on top piece of cloth etc.
– They are unisex
– They give extremely adorable look when worn with a suit.
– They are never out of Fashion
– you can rock a polo-neck with any piece of cloth and still look dopest

2. High-waist Trousers are the 2nd most important cloth you shouldn’t miss in your closet.
Why? because in itself it seems to give a thousand and one reasons. I simply love high-waist trousers.
One major reason it’s because it emphasizes ones’ figure super well #yougetacurvyshapeinaminute
another key reason it’s because one can never run out of styling options with a high-waist trouser.

Below is how I styled my polo-neck with a high-waist trouser and throw on top waterfall in a bid to keep myself warm.











High-waist Trouser – La Belle Fashions
Polo-Neck – Adams market
Sharp Shooter heels – Dynamic fashion House
Waterfall Sweater – Wardrobe
African Beaded Necklace – Nakumatt Mega Mall Kisumu #openvendor

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  1. Was wondering why it was taking you too long to put up another article Lol you never disappoint…Looking great as usual

  2. I love the outfit looks so good on you….going to add more polo-necks and high-waist trousers soonest


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