It’s the very first jumpsuit that I’ve actually bought and decided to keep, because most of the times I usually giveaway all the jumpsuits I’ve blogged about. come to think of it I should do giveaways here soonest, Any ideas?? drop them in the comment box below.

back to the outfit, It’s officially my favorite and only jumpsuit in my closet, that’s of course  until I get another one more cute compared to this one.

You can’t believe how cheap it is!!! For only Kes. 1800 I bought it at Cute casual and official dresses in sasa mall. Check out their Facebook page and grab yourself one of these cuties. the brown stilettos complemented my jumpsuit super well.

Thanks for stopping by.

Let me know your thoughts about the outfit in the comment box below.
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Much Love.


  1. That’s a great Idea Kaela. start with Shoes giveaways because I definitely love your shoes.. and you look lovely and cute in that jumpsuit

  2. Wow u look absolutely breathtaking in this. U look really stunning in a jumpsuit I cant think why u would give them away! Ur shape looks gorgeous, this really fits u like a glove I can see why u kept it. U look really glam and sexy especially with the heels. I love the pic of u leaning on the doorpost and the one of u turning to look behind- U look really really hot my dear. 😉 Lol now I cant decide if u look better in a bikini or jumpsuit!! x x x x


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