There are those days where one has no clue of what to wear, you keep on trying clothes and removing, until your wardrobe is all messy.

So this faithful day was the laundry day, the clothe I wanted to wear was in the laundry and I was totally clueless on what to wear. But then it was Saturday, I wanted something casual and easy. after a few trials I got into my favorite rugged jeans, n’ was left searching for a top, because of the marchy color to the trouser, I grabbed the bralette and wore it. I needed something to break the ‘marchy’ light blue look. Hovering my eyes allover, they landed on the yellow cardigan, the perfect color to contrast the all light blue trouser and bralette. With black ankle boots and a cap my outfit was complete.

Bralette – Wardrobe
Rugged Denim Trouser -At a vendor along MKU Thika
Cardigan – Gifted hands Boutique
ankle boots – Cici Shoetic

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  1. gal you always make fashion look so effortless, how did you bring those pieces of clothes together to come up with such an outrageous sexy look…you are a fashion genius.

  2. You are one fashion blogger that I so much love in Kenya, simple but keeping it classic,dynamic, sophisticated and unique


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