Good news to all men of the Great Country Kenya, God has finally remembered you in a mighty way, you see we’re all used to attending events of fashion and designers where most of the clothes showcased are 99.95% ladies wear, but then the Man Zedekiya Lukoye has brought the difference not only in Kenya but Africa at Large by launching a classic and unique menswear brand of different colorful styles e.g casual, official and lifestyle clothing last Friday the 30th June 2017.

I ate as first as I could and left our 2 colleagues farewell party that was happening at Three Dee hotel, kilimani and rushed to Aspire Center where the event was taking place and reached there 3 hrs earlier, with the main reason to capture the backstage moments, the setup, rehearsals and the main event. I thought I will finish covering backstage moments right on time to rush home and get all dressed up for the launch, but time didn’t give me that chance. I realized that it’s time to get a personal photographer or crew which will help me cover events as I enjoy all shows with no interruptions, because basically I used most of my time there taking photos of people.

I had my moments of being taken a few photos at the red carpet, in different places and with vlogger Chichitah at the event as the organizers were busy setting up the place.

On arrival I found models and orchestra group rehearsing while the place was still being setup.

As they rehearsed I was privileged to take a few photos of a few African Supermodels, Kenya 2017 male model of the year Darrel Gee,Nigerian male model of the year Prince, Maxwell and many more. Other models involved were Ken Fredrick, Nelvin Chuma, Gabu Fords, Kenson etc. In total they were 30 male models on the run way. What impressed me the most was that there was a ‘let me say’ aged male model. I also got to take a photo of the collection in the dressing room.

A few hours later guest started streaming in. The show was set to start at 6pm, the order being registration/Confirmation guests listed, Gate open, Cocktail, Red carpet, orchestra and then the launching.
The event was graced by prominent people, The Who’s who in Kenya big companies CEO’s and MD’s, Journalists, Media Personalities, Business men & women, Sponsors representatives, Supermodels, Fashion Designers, Capital Fm Crew, Kenya Fashion Awards team etc. to mention but a few, we had in attendance;
Derek Bbanga the top fashion stylist, motivation speaker and image consultant together with his friends.

Miss Kenya USA Angela Wambui and media personality Pinky Gellani.

Top Kenyan fashion stylist Eddie Kirindo and Top Fashion n’ Designer Connie Aluoch.
On the right, Top Kenya Designer just fresh from New York fashion Week, Kaveke. The photos of the aforementioned key people were taken by Kuyo photography during the cocktail as I was busy waiting for the confirmation of my name at the registration desk. On the red carpet moments prince and The Man of the Day Fashion designer Zeddy didn’t disappoint.

Immediately after the red carpet moment all guest were sitted ready for the show. The Ghanaian MC led us through the show which started with a National anthem played by the ochestra group, then came the models dressed in the new menswear designed by Zedekiya Lukoye and his co-designer Sydney. After the Showcase, The MC welcomed Zeddie and his co-designer who went Round congratulating the models and greeting close friends in the event. The models walked to the red carpet for the media to take photos of the just launched menswear as we were left being entertained by a Nigerian singer. The show /launching took only 30 minutes.
Zeddie going round and greeting friends and family. The Nigerian singer walking to the stage. Models pausing for photos joined by the guests. The MC of the Show with one of the models who was dressed in Kenya Airways attire. After show red carpet moments – chit chatting and taking selfies. Zedi greeting one of the models.

Inspirational model of the night. They dressed for it.

The event was sponsored by many renowned international leading brands namely; Kenya Airways, Glenfiddich, Mandevu, Bavaria Auto, BMW, MasterCard and many more which can be seen on the red carpet banner.
It was managed by Fashion Guru n’ Stylist Sunny Dolat and casting assisted by Miss Kenya USA, Angela Wambui.

They say that “The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations.” We got that at the Narok NYC Menswear Launch.

Some photos courtesy- Kuyo photography (water Marked)
Wow what a long article.
Thanks for reading.
Until next post, see you then.


  1. The cover photo is the bomb, whomever that man in black suit is, just let him know that he has won my heart.

  2. Being a color maniac, the launched menswear is awesome, the sandal look gives it a very nice manly gist that is epic. Congrats Zedekaya

  3. You looked lovely in that outfit hun, I don’t think there was any need to go and change into another outfit. above all else this is a bold step you’ve taken, I love the way you covered the event in the article in your own way..keep covering more events and people will flock in here like bees.

  4. I didn’t attend the event but reading all this I feel like I was there already. you’ve covered everything , that’s a bold step you’ve taken to make your website diverse, congrats gal

  5. The suits are too colorful, i really avoid wearing colored suit, I’m narrowed down to grey, black or navy blue only..nikienda sana ni dark brown.

  6. @Edward it’s high time you break from the norm and embrace colorful suits…anyways I love the way you’ve covered the event Ms Kaela

  7. Boo you know you look good in any anything so you slayed with that smart casual dress. Otherwise I love the direction this blog is taking, just that don’t stop sharing your wardrobe with us.


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