Have you ever seen a couple at a social gathering that left you scratching your head like ‘did they come from the same house?’

It’s hard to tell the heart whom to fall in love with, not unless one resonates from self driven motives of which they always lead to a dead end, because love doesn’t ask why or say when it’s dawning, it just happens, then like a shocker you realize you are so in love. The other persons come into your life with all their baggage and you have to work together for the betterment of the two of you as one. Worse comes when dressing coordination is poor-you slay always but your partner always look like nah. As a couple you become a contrast study; the better you dress the more worse your partner looks it gets hard that most of the times you don’t wanna tag your partner along to social occasions. What a pity!!

The troubling questions are, WHAT DO YOU DO TO HELP YOUR PARTNER UP THEIR DRESSING GAME WITHOUT HURTING THEIR FEELINGS? How do you dress as a power couple? What should you wear as a man when your woman dresses in her favorite dinner dress to a rugby game? When invited to a casual gathering, how do you go about it as a couple? How do you dress to complement or match your partner? etc.
Well this category seeks to give you tips, ideas and guidelines on how to dress as a power couple to all social occasions or even when you are running your errands together and also where to shop our outfits.

With the help of the supermodel Darrel Gee, we’ll help you dress as a power couple rocking all the red carpets, and social gatherings like you got this.

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Meanwhile as we await to see you here on Wednesday, Enjoy the photos.

Location – The Norfolk Hotel
My Outfit – My closet
Darrel Gee Outfit – His wardrobe
Photography by our lovey friend Naomi Senda



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