It has always been underrated, despised, not talked about, always seen as not good enough and that’s why we always out buying nothing but westernized clothes. I’m blaming nobody because I’m a victim of the same always buying imported clothes , 99% not made from Africa But from the western world.

Echoing Esther Passaris words at the East Africa fashion week that happened last Saturday the 8th July 2017, we Africans loves quality, where we get it,we buy it. Quality in the fashion world means ‘Customer Needs Is To Be Satisfied.’ e.g. well knit cloth with excellent if not perfect finishing, nice quality fabric, perfect fitting, good and unique design, durable etc. Most of the times we seem not to get this from our local market.

Let’s throw the negative mindset away. Truth be told East Africa designers are spending sleepless nights, beating their bodies to reveal something totally new, unique, durable and reliable to the market, not only to prove to the East Africa market but also to the rest of the world that we are damn capable. the designs presented at the runway during the EAFW spoke it all of their hard work to deliver nothing but the best to us.

You doubting? Let me take you on a ride into the best Local knit Clothes ever presented at the #EAFW.
One by one they made their way on the runway, one foot in front of the other like the supermodels they are.

At first we thought that it’s just the norm, what we are used too, nothing much to present, but damn we were so wrong, because from the very first outfit we were left desiring that the outfit were nowhere else but worn on our bodies.
we all kept, cheering, clapping and taking more and more photos of the designs made by our local east Africa designers
Coveting was understatement that night…that African handmade bag and many more were the Bomb!! You may want to grab one from this designer before they are over.

And when they walked in two dressed in full African prints, they totally mesmerized us. Especially that African necklace of a collar left our mouths agape, the creativity was in it’s own level, I’ve never seen such.

Who don’t play safe with black at the red carpet or events? This outfit was totally a slay mostly so coz’ of the exposed tummy, which made it appear classy n’ bold.

Men, this one left me absolutely speechless, I couldn’t help it but picture it on my beautiful body.

Yeah , we also make Classy top quality suits. definitely no need to buy the imported out of Africa. when not in a hurry, you just have to choose the material, take your measurements and leave the rest to the designer to do his/her magic.

Then came this. Oga na me nago just say ‘perfectly awesome for the modern man.’

Wouw, wait a minute! Pause it. I know, it blew our minds off, well crafted Thobes/thawbs for Muslim men are also so available…this was unbelievably true.

You got it right, we can rock it sexy and fabulous in custom-made African print bikini and a cover up cardigan.

then they pushed it far with this dopiest outfit..Men you gotta embrace this LOL.

O heavens, I couldn’t believe that this was truly locally made, it was too fine. to all men reading this, place your order already, you can’t afford to miss this total slay outfit in your wardrobe.

Because we make the most fab choker necklaces.

Goodness gracious!! I’m so taking this outfit for my precious self, my body can’t miss out on this, I mean just how in the world can it miss this perfect unique piece??

Just when we thought we had seen enough, came this, super cool attires the kinds only seen in Game Of Thrones Series and Bollywood Movies. We could already imagine the title of the movie and the name of the staring. Super creative.

Yes you can rock that custom made trench coat and look hotter than hot.

When that small piece of African print brings a whole lot of vibrancy into the outfit making you looking all fly.

Just one word for this design, BREATHTAKING.

Then came the fashion designer who slayed more than her own models. men, this was super fine, coveting was an understatement, I really wanted to rip it off her body and put it on mine. never have I seen such a unique sexy n’ fabulous dress like this one that is custom made from East Africa. It was one of it’s kind.

When we thought the show was over, came the sassy and sexy looks.

They gave their heart out in creating new designs that will totally entice our eyes and leave our pockets empty. so go ahead dig into your pockets and buy these fabulous outfits

What they presented was out of our minds, able to compete in international fashion awards and win major awards.

I hope all these locally made designs have totally changed our minds enough to start supporting our own East Africa designers. we can do this. Lets Support our own by buying from them.

for details of the fashion designers who made the outfits, check out East Africa Fashion Week social media accounts or search #EAFW #EAFW2017 on twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even google.
Which outfit/s do you like the most?
What can you say about the East Africa Fashion Industry from what you’ve seen above?
What should we do to make it much more bigger and better?
Leave your comment in the comment box below to help each other in making our local made designs the envy of the world

Thanks for reading.



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