Rule 1: Don’t wear a bright color too.

Women play with colors always, whereas men like to play it safe with dark colors mainly black, navy blue, and dark grey for a suit, they rather wear a bright colored shirt or T-shirt but not a suit. Tell you what, It take boldness and extreme courage for a man to wear a seemingly bright color suit like red, blue, green, cyan, purple, yellow, sky blue etc. Well Darrel Gee knows how to play with colors safe enough to suit his personality and that’s exactly what he exhibited at the East Africa fashion Week Show.

Rule 2: Go for a dark color.
Dark colors like black, navy blue, dark grey extra compliments bright colors so well.

Rule 3: Where a a black or a bright color shoe that compliments or contrasts so well your partner’s outfit color.
E.g If your partner has won a blue suit go for a red, black, navy blue or more than two color shades shoe.

Rule 4: If you have won a complete black outfit even for the shoe, carry a clutch/handbag of different color which also complements or contrasts your partner’s outfit.

In our case; Darrel gee wore a sky blue suit on Navy Blue polo Neck with melanin brown shoe. to compliment it I wore a black dress,silver choker neck that matches with the silver lining on my black stilettos and a dark shade of melanin brown clutch bag to match with His shoe.

For a couple you don’t wanna look like summer and winter – totally opposite of each other especially at social gatherings but you rather be in between that’s spring or autumn.

Is this helpful?
Let us know in the comment box below.
also let us know your opinion about our outfit as a couple.
Meanwhile Enjoy our photos below of what we wore at the East Africa Fashion awards.
Until next post, STAY SAFE.

Stilettos – M&D Boutique
Melanin brown shoes – His Wardrobe
black dress – Sasa Mall
sky blue suit – Designed by Vinn Cliz
Polo Neck – His Wardrobe
accessorize – My closet
Clutch bag – Gift



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