Today Evening is the D-day where Kenya Kenya Fashion Awards which was Awarded the best Fashion Event of the Year at the TAWAA Awards 2016 will be launching  its 5th Annual Fashion Show & Awards as well as unveil the 2017 nominees and their partnersat the Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel, Nairobi this evening from 6-9pm.

My mind, My heart, my body vessels can’t stop throbbing too hard, I feel like they are gonna pop out of my chest, Anxiety is killing me. looking forward t the event but my whole body is screaming loudly with the big Question ‘I’m I among the 2017 nominees list?’
I know many of you sent an email saying that you nominate me as the fashion Stylist of the year, thanks to you all. I pray and hope that your vote will put our me in the nomination list to be voted for the Fashion Stylist of the Year
By the end of the event this evening I’m hoping to come back here with joy and laughter just to say thank you for nominating me and begin the 3 months journey of seeking your votes to win the award. WE CAN DO IT.

For Those of you who don’t know KFA, here is a brief summary about them:
KFA is an award winning event that happens each and every year. It seeks to appreciate, honor and celebrate outstanding performance in the fashion industry e.g Fashion bloggers, Fashion designers, Makeup artists, Fashion photographer of the year etc. They recognize, nurture, support and promote regional fashion talent to a global market through raising awareness of the importance of adaptation of local brands and highlighting Kenya and the African region as the next fashion destination.

Now you know why it’s so important to bring this award Kenya Fashion Stylist of The Year Home.

Let’s talk about what is gonna happen at the Launch and give you some sneak pictures of high fashion designs and designers that are gonna be there.
Two weeks ago a friend carried me to Norfolk hotel to see the shoot. Being a fashion blogger I always carry my camera with me, I requested the director of KFA if possible to take the behind the scene photos and she said yes. They may not be the end product photos that are gonna be unleashed at the Launch but I bet they are good enough to know what to expect there.

Yeah I know, the photo says it all..By the look of it you can only imagine how lit the event is gonna be with best make up artist Ruth Kinuthia who goes by the name Makeup_by_Ruthie , Fashion Journalist Carol Odero and Jewelery designer, Niku Channa on set.

High Fashion model,Sulterna Achai and Fashion model/Actor Darrel Gee on set.

Lead Photographer of house of Fotography, Teddy Mitchener with Ruth Kinuthia discussing about the scene before main photoshoot.
Fashion Journalist Carol Odero makeup slay by Makeup By Rose who apparently is the KFAs Makeup partner 2017.

Hair Stylist Babu Victor Ngenga working on Ruthie’s hair before the shoot.

I was privileged to also meet the beautiful Miss Naomi Senda who is in the KFAs PR team Looking so good without makeup.

The whole team starring at their epic photos that Teddy had taken.

This was the highly anticipated moment, to take a photo with the director of the Kenya Fashion Awards, Galina Tatarinova who is also a renowned fashion designer. It was such an honor


Then came the moment of a lifetime when I was told to jump into their picnic photoshoot that they had set. Thank God I was in a black dress, they just gave me a throw on top and hat to fit in into their awesome sophistication. Many Thanks to the Team for this opportunity. The garments are designed by Mambo Pambo.

Now you know what to expect there.
See you at the Fairmont the Norfolk Hotel today as From 6pm

Cross your fingers, Pray and wish me the best.

Love you all.


  1. Apparently you are also a good photographer. May God see your hard work and reward you by winning the award


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