Most of the times ladies are used to dressing up for a formal date but not for a casual shopping date. We are usually stuck in between not knowing whether to wear as fly as possible or to jump into our favorite sweatpants or shorts and jet out.

When you are at a stage of knowing each other, it’s better you trim it down to something casual and cheeky so that he might get to know you all round, with this I mean in dinner dresses, red carpet dresses, shorts/pants, official and casual clothing. The same applies to men. Don’t usually overdress when you are going out with your partner. Remember to dress to compliment each other and not to outshine the better half.

The key thing to remember is to be as comfortable as possible. Get into a nice comfy shoes and outfit because shopping has to do with a lot depending with what kind of shopping you intend to do. For clothes shopping, you wanna dress in an outfit that you can jump out of it so fast whenever you want to try some clothes before you buy them where as for other shopping just keep it cool casual and smart.

Last Saturday during the Under eighteen games (IAAFA) at Safaricom stadium, we stepped out with the mind of going to watch the finals then later on go for some general shopping. Unfortunately the stadium wasn’t accessible, it was too full so we decided to do the latter, go for some shopping. We kept it casual and comfortable.

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My fanny at a vendor in Westlands
Stilettos – Frances Boutique
Dress – Adams market
Earrings – Nakumatt Mega Mall Kisumu

Fur sleeveless and soft leather vest – HushPuppies Boutique
Jeans and shoes – His wardrobe



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