I know it’s a hard thing to do trying to up your fashion game to your partners, especially when your better half boyfriend/girlfriend is a fashion killer, but then you don’t wanna look dump neither so you’ve gotta do you best.

If you naturally don’t have a fashion sense, try to tell your partner to suggest to you the kind of outfit to wear. This works super well because your partner will always dress you to compliment his outfit, which is a huge relief, you’ll stop worrying about what to wear, what to buy, what to match with, because your man/ woman will be helping you with that.
When I’m clueless on what to match or contrast with, I’m always like, “Gee what do you think of this?” He be like “pair with this or that”, and that’s is damn done.

Darrel Gee has a very diverse style, he is so unpredictable. When he stepped out with a gangster rapper kinda look I was like wow how do I go about this.

Do you have a white shirt? he said “Yes”. What about a black tie? I do have it, he replied.
His mind was busy wondering where I’m heading at.

I tried the shirt & tie on, I was like not bad. I grabbed my not too fitting ripped jeans put it on, tacked in and finished with my new loves ankle boots that I got from Cici shoetique that I’m running with Giveaways.

Here we go.

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Ankle boots – Cici shoetique
Ripped jeans – Fashion254
Tie&Shirt – Darrel’s Wardrobe
Darrel’s outfit – Hiswardrobe


  1. very few people have the courage to dress in full denim, I love your style guyz..it’s awesome and unique

  2. Lol Kenya ain’t ready for this, we are used to couples dressing too official and if they try a little harder it’s smart casual. Big up, for great work


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