A woman without beautiful nails is like a night without stars. Nails speaks a lot about a person. I’m like ‘happiness is freshly painted nails’.

Have you ever realized how confident you are on a date when you nails are freshly done? You always feel like you wanna keep them hanging on the air, on the table or keep swinging your hand suggestively from left to right for your date to see. and you just can’t wait for the precious words ‘I love your nails/your nails look good/where did you get them done?, It’s always an endless pleasure to hear such compliments.

One thing is for sure, men love well taken care of and good looking/fascinating nails. There is something about well polished nails that drives them crazy.

This month of August how about you try this nail art of mixing different colors to come up with a fabulous nails look. You can either choose bright colors like red, silver and black or go for cool composed colors like nude, dark brown, black with silver or gold.
Stylecraze nail art

Nail art designs – Spa Pals Salon at Green House Mall

Go on and make those nails look fabulous with the above nail art design and colors.

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Have a fantastic August full of God’s blessings.

Stay safe.





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