Everything in it depicts its name #thesovereign. You see I have frequented the city so many times and have been to many of class and elegance but this one being the very first time to visit I must say it mesmerized my heart. I used to hear my colleagues glory it over and over but never believed them until I went saw, slept in it, ate  and experienced the whole surrounding myself that’s when I believed that Indeed the hotel is sovereign as they call it.

We arrived on Tuesday at midday, I was so hungry to think or check in, so we left our bags at the reception and off we went for lunch in such of the big fish at Lwang’ni #hopingthespellingisright .Immediately after our stomachs took a full we went back. I was too tired to snoop around the compound and so I checked in and went straight to my room. What I saw was unbelievable, the room was pretty much spacious and so well furnished for a delux room.
Take a look.
The king-sized bed totally blew my mind away.

Most of the delux rooms don’t have the hair dryers and if they have they are usually the small ones only to blow your hair dry, but this one had a full set of hair dryer just like the salon’s blow dryers meaning you can wash your hair treat it and blow dry it to your satisfaction at the comfort of your room, amazing.

The following day when our meeting was over just before our cab picked is for the airport, I had time to snoop around and see what I will come to enjoy the next time I have ample time.
Definitely so lost in the greens..this is the view that gets you once you peep from the balcon of your room, beautiful. so fresh and clean.

What is a hotel without a swimming pool and a nice garden? This is the best part.

They also have a nice small spa. When you feeling all tired and you need some relaxation, they got you covered.

Most of the time I’m usually sleeping in a different while eating in another hotel. Yea how good, yummy and delicious the food is matters a billion percent. I woke up to a nice delicious breakfast and nice lunch. For Sushi lovers, you ain’t tasted this yet it will leave your mouths drooling over and over again for more, it’s freshly made just for you.

The photo below of the reception says it all. The place is super beautiful with excellent customer care service which is rare to find.

From the outside it feels just like you are stepping into your own palace.

It’s definitely the best place to stay in Kisumu whether you are visiting or for a vacation. I’m hoping to go back there pretty soon just for a vacay and get you many more details.

The rooms, the food and social amenities are of good pricing for all.
Why don’t you check it out and have a lifetime moment.

Click on this link for booking and more details about the THE SOVEREIGN HOTEL.
It is located on along Lolwe drive off Aput lane Mlimani, Kisumu city.

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  1. Lol the pic of u watching tv is like life imitating art- u both are wearing turbans! lol Love the pic of reception- ur body looking banging babe. 😉 x x


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