99.5% of ladies desire fuller and thicker eyebrows&lashes.
With tweezing, threading and use of blades in the long run your eyebrow hairs grow scanty and very few that you get confined to using eyebrow fillers or eye pencil to make them appear thick and of good shape for the rest of your life.Some go to an extent of shaving them all then opt to tattoo because their eyebrow hairs no longer grow.

Personally I had a lot of eyebrow hairs until I started shaping them with tweezing, threading and use of blades. With time the grew less and less until the day I tried castor&coconut oil then they started growing back fuller and thicker. Nowadays after just shaping them (in this case removing very few outer scanty hair) I can go out without using eyebrow fillers or eye pencils. For my eyelashes I only apply mascara after applying either coconut/castor oil or a mix of the two. Try it and within a week you will see a big difference.
Below are my natural eyebrows and lashes.

Follow this steps for a fuller and thicker eyebrows n’ lashes:

       1. Take a dry face towel, Deep it in hot water then Press it on your eyebrows
2. Mix a small portion of castor and coconut oil on the palm of your hand or on one of   the bottle lid or just use either one of the oils.
3. Take your eyebrow brush and apply the mixed oil

      4. Brush your eyebrows for 2 minutes to allow castor oil to penetrate your hair follicles
5. Using the same brush, brush your eyelashes with it when going to bed
6. Leave it until morning to cleanse when showering
7. Repeat daily.
NB: You can use any castor oil, but preferably use Jamaican castor oil for faster results.
Castor oil: Beauty Cosmetics Green house mall
Eyebrow Brush – Macy’s beauty hub

Thanks for reading.
Wishing you the best in growing your eyelashes and brows fuller and thicker with the above easy and faster method.


    • Lol I know what it feels and how you can get really late trying to draw the same shape on the other eyes …These method worked perfectly well for me.

  1. I love your eyebrows and lashes gal, they look super good, I wish mine were like yours. I will definitely try the above remedy


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