This Friday Plan -18th August 2017


Hello helloo Lovelies.
What are you doing this Friday? Do you have a plan?
If you do, you better ditch it because this is gonna be super exciting and enlightening.
Personally I’m so excited about the event because it is my very first time to be engaged in such a platform in the fashion industry. I’ve done public speaking talks before but not in the arena of fashion industry. Representing all fashion bloggers in Kenya and the entire African continent in the panelist got me so excited n’ scared at the same time.
If you are a fashion blogger, a fashion designer, fashion model, a Makeup artist, a photographer, a fashion retailer, a fashion promoter, an entrepreneur in fashion, a brands marketing manager, a lover of fashion or anybody in someway involved with the fashion industry, you really should (not may) attend this event.

You see The Business of Fashion Seminar is organized by The African Fashion & Design Week. Their goal is to Provide more retail access for designers to consumers globally, Establish platforms for networking and celebrating each other in the African Fashion Industry, To further provide new and emerging designers the requisite skills to establish a strong brand that will empower them to earn a sustainable living and create job opportunities and to Promote African fashion globally.
Each year, AFDW runway showcases leading established designers from over 11 African countries and attracts international media and has so far attracted buyers from France and America,a more reason as to why you shouldn’t miss it.

In the panelist we have:

  • Fashion retailer and founder of Afrivazi Valerie Nyamwaya.
  • Fashion luxury brand CEO The Undisputed Man himself Kenneth ‘Pope’ Ndolo.
  • Male model of the year and ambassador of Mercedes Benz Fashion E.A Darrel Gee.
  • Fashion blogger and KFA nominee this year Ms. Kaela.
  • Celebrity Make up artist and founder of Rikot Spa Domiana Mwangangi.
  • Jeffery Wilson founder of JW show.
  • Eric Saganda KFA nominee photographer.
  • Letoya Johnstone who will be raising issues that models face in the industry that hinder their growth.
  • And finally, we a have a Guest Speaker who knows all about entrepreneurship. Blaze mentor, Forbes 30 under 30 nominee, Founder/CEO StartUpNow Kenya and Fashion Torch Incubation Hub. You know who it is Wilkings Odinga Fadhili will be sharing how to make Fashion your entrepreneurial story.

You surely don’t wanna miss it.
There are no tickets involved but to attend the event you only have to register your details ‘here’ (click on ‘here’) or call Njenga Agnes on +254 717 244
095 and you are good to go.

Come learn and network. Also remember to carry your business cards, national ID/Passport.

See you there on Friday at Michael Joseph Center from exactly 4:30 pm.



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