I’m so enjoying this. I’m that type of a gal who wanna dress my body in anything I see enticing on my eyes, be it oversized, fitting, loose, long, short etc.as long as it flatters my body I go for it.

I know you’ve seen the fur sleeveless soft leather vest in the couples closet section worn by Gee (click here to see how it looked on him) but this is what the series is all about, borrowing from his wardrobe.

You can play with it a lot. You can pair it with tights, ragged trousers, jeggings, leggings, shorts, pencil skirt etc with a top of your choice. Whichever design your man has it’s very durable.

In my case I went with pink wedges only because it’s long enough.I joined it with brooches for an oversized yet sexy look.

Here we go.

Photography by Murash media production
Pink wedges – Cici Shoetic
Fur sleeveless and soft leather vest – HushPuppies Boutique
Cornrows made at spa pals.

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