Chapped lips are always very irritating, they are dry, sore and scaly. No lipstick or lip balm will appear flawless with chapped lips, no matter how hard one tries. This applies to both men and women. As a result you find yourself always biting you lips to try soften them which of course makes the situation more worse.

The main reasons why lips grow all flaky is because of lack of moisture and the fact that they don’t have oil glands, so it’s entirely up to you to take good care of them.

here is very simple ways to keep your lips 24hrs soft and moist.

      1. Use coconut oil, shea butter/cocoa butter balm or almond oil
      2. Using a warm towel rub your lips gently every night to remove chaps
      3. Scrub with a mix of lemon/honey and sugar once a week
      4. Drink lots of water

    5.Avoid direct sun

    6. Stop biting /Licking your lips

    7. Apply Vaseline or armyโ€™s or baby oil

    8. When brushing your teeth also gently brush your lips in a circular motion to remove chaps(add some Vaseline or coconut oil for better results)ย 

    Now you can go smiling all through your endeavors with softer n moisturized lips.
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