Each and every woman or man desires to achieve/have a flawless and a vibrant skin. Not only is having a flawless skin a sign of beauty but it’s also a sign of good health. With cosmetic facial skin care products increasing in the market everyday it leaves one wondering and confused on what to use and what not to use for their face.

Myself when I reached the age where all of a sudden face skin care became the first priority in life, I was allover trying and dumping different products of different brands in less than two or three weeks. I anxiously desired to see a change on my skin so much such that if I don’t see any improvement in less than a week, I dumped the products and go shopping for others. In a span of 3 months my face went from better to worse because of using products that were harsh on my skin in a bid to achieve a flawless and vibrant skin. Little did I know that there are some simple natural ways of achieving a flawless skin which is so cost free and very effective.
One day when I got fed up using/trying different products, I sampled out one type of moisturizer to use from a particular brand, soap, scrubber, SFP cream and the rest I just worked on my lifestyle and daily routine which makes the 90% to achieve a flawless glowing skin. The below routines that I adopted works perfectly well for my face and any other persons face. I don’t struggle any more, with or without makeup as long as my eyebrows and lashes are well done I rock my day boldly.
So how do you achieve that a vibrant & flawless Skin/face?

    1. Drink 3 ltrs of water a day – I know how difficult it is but it’s very doable. Just take 2 glasses of water immediately when you wake up, take 2 mid-morning, take another 2 mid-afternoon and finally 2 more glasses when going to bed. Water helps rid the body and skin of toxins which in turn gives a radiant glowing flawless skin.
    2. Never sleep with makeup – I know one can grow lazy when it comes to washing off your make every night before going to bed, but it’s very important you get rid of laziness and wash your face everyday before going to bed. your face pores needs to breath all night long and not be clogged with a layer of makeup.
    3. Scrub 2 to 3 times a week – This helps to remove dead skin, black heads, black spots and also cleanse pores.
    4. Apply a moisturizer at bedtime and in the morning before applying makeup – Very important for face nourishment and hydration.
    5. Go for a facial once a month – This is optional but very effective if you try it.
    6. Avoid greasy food, sugar and caffeine – Not only do greasy food makes you fat but it also triggers acne breakouts. sugar makes you age faster by adding wrinkles and caffeine contains mycotoxins which can trigger acne. Avoiding such will give your face a radiant look.
    7. Get enough sleep (8hr) – This is very good for relaxation and to avoid dark eye circles.
    8. Always apply an SFP cream during the day – This will help you protect your face against the ultraviolet rays which damages the skin.

Do the above routine and you will soon see massive improvement on your face.
Hope this article is of help to you.
If you have any other simple way that I’ve not mentioned above that might help a reader here post it in the comment box below, and if you have any beauty question that you want me to address it, also leave a comment below.Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Well written article. I struggle alot when it comes to face skin care, no products seem to work with my skin, kindly tell me which products you use for your skin?

  2. I was told steaming and facial are not advised for some skin types, they can course more breakouts and further damage your skin, can you clarify this and may be say which skin types aren’t damged more with steaming and facials

    • If you struggle with redness, eczema or dry skin then steaming ain’t that good for your skin because it strips away natural oil from your skin thus worsening the condition but in normal instances it’s very good to steam your face once a fortnight to cleanse your pores and to remove acne lesions . When it comes to facial, it’s all about products being used, they might conducive for your skin or might react with your skin. If you’ve identified products that works well with your face then I suggest you carry them with you anytime you going for a facial.

  3. Wow one of the best article, you grow everyday and I so much love your work. I’m hopin to get that radiant face like yours by following the above routines

  4. It’s long since i passed by here, I’m glad to see that your blog has grown bigger and better. Those are indeed lifetime helpful beauty tips.

  5. My face breaks out oftenly what natural remedies should I use? I’ve tried neutrogen but it isn’t working infact it leaves me feeling pain, scratchy, reddish with painful sores

  6. Great article. just interested in knowing What specific products do you use for your face Ms kaela apart from natural remedies stated above? how long have you used them? After how long did you start seeing positive results?

  7. drinking 3 ltrs of water a day, going for facial and steaming are always a struggle to me, is it a must or there are alternative ways?


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