My face is very SENSITIVE, it can go from 100 to 0 in a few minutes of just touching it with dirty hands, applying a face product that reacts against it be it soap, moisturizer or even makeup, and sometimes a touch of my hair or any hair stand makes my face redden with rashes.
After a long time of trying products here and there, I finally got products that work super well for my face. Since I started using them my face has been at it’s best and I can confidently say that I can’t do without them. The made the black-spots I had disappear, cleaned up my pores and also makes my bare face so radiant and vibrant. I use these products every single day, in the morning and evening apart from the scrubber and SPF cream that I use once a day.

1. The Black Soap – I alternate between the Ghana black soap and Fair&White black soap but I must say my favorite is the Fair&white black soap, this is because it cleans the pores so well, removes dead skin, prevents acne breakout and leaves your face feeling so fresh and radiant.

2. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser – I use it after scrubbing my face to give such a gentle, fresh and soft look. It’s so gentle hence cause no harm on skin at all.

3. Tea Tree Facial Scrub – It’s my favorite scrubber because of the fact that I can use it on a daily basis and plus it’s gentle and reacts not with my skin.

4. Hamilton SPF Cream – I love it to the moon and back. I never struggle with sunburns because of this cream, It’s super effective, if you don’t have an SPF cream I suggest you buy this one and you will never regret. I always mix it wit my moisturizer in the opening, apply it on my face before doing my makeup.

5. Lemon Cream – This is for oily skin; that’s to say my face is very oily. What I love about this moisturizer is the that it reduces/control oiliness on my face and at the same time gives me a perfect glow. You will understand better when I write an article about “How to stay fly and look fabulous without makeup”, you will be able to see my bare face with no makeup.

There you go lovelies, if you haven’t settled on some good products to use for your face, opt in to buy the above. You’ll thank me later.

Hope you well answered Mandi Johnson.

Scrubber, skin Cleanser & SPF Cream- Flame Tree Pharmacy at the Mallย ย 

Black soap & Moisturizer – Super duper Cosmetics at Greenhouse mall

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  1. Thank you,i have learn a lot from the above information you look good gal ,i wish you can give the cost of the products for budget purposes.

    • You are welcomed dear.
      About the prices, they all range from Kes. 1000-3500. I’ve written above in the article where I bought them from, you can check them out.


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