As we strive to be at our best when it comes to beauty and hygiene, we often make mistakes here and there, nobody is perfect in the beauty industry, but it’s  good to point out some of the beauty mistakes we commonly make as women so as we correct them; as they say “We Learn From Our Mistakes”. Often times I’ve made such mistakes which required a friend, a special person and even myself to point it out and I’ve since made changes and perfected my A game.

The common beauty mistakes range from wrong hair & beauty products we use, wrong makeup application, personal grooming to body cleanliness. For this first article I’m gonna mention just but a few.

  1. Sleeping with makeup – No matter how tired or lazy you are, just try as much as possible not to sleep with makeup. It does one more harm to facial skin than good.
  2. Drawing a too dark lip liner leaving you looking like a clone – make sure its light and blends in with your lipstick or lips super well in that it’s hardly noticeable
  3. Copying your friend’s shape of eyebrows because they look awesome– We have different face shapes, before you go copying  know your face shape. Best advise follow your natural brows shape when doing your eyebrows.
  4. Applying lipsticks that totally off with your skin type..most common nude lippies,
  5. Abandoning the dead skin on your feet making your feet looking ugly, hard and so un-kept – Pedicure is very important, whether you do it for yourself at the comfort of your house or you get it done at the salon as long as those feet are well taken care for, there are no worries.
  6. Applying makeup without good lighting – That’s when you step outside and realize what a holy mess you look just by the looks you get from people passing by or around you. I’ve made such mistake so many times, thanks to D who always looking keenly at my face after I’ve done my makeup and make me blend it well.
  7. Squeezing pimples/picking at you skin – Keep your hands off your face, don’t go squeezing and popping zit/pimples, you’ll just worsen the condition leaving you black spots allover which some become a permanent mark.
  8. Not moisturizing your body – As much as your body is under layers of clothes, you don’t wanna have a dry & scaly skin when naked or swimming in a nice bikini. Make sure you take good care of it the way you take good care of you facial skin
  9. Use of dirty makeup brushes – It’s not hygienically. for those who have acne problems it might worsen your condition because each time you use your makeup brushes; make-up, dirt, bacteria and oil get trapped in the bristles which clogs your pores anytime you use them without cleaning them. Dirty makeup brushes also creates a good breeding ground for bacteria thus causing/worsening eczema, irritation and even eye problems. Wash your makeup brushes every week.
  10. Use of beauty products for too long – Some may have reached they expiry dates and yet you still using them which might cause more harm to your skin. dispose beauty products after every 3 months or 6 months depending with their expiry dates.
  11. Leaving your nails so un-kept is a turn off for both men and women –  How well kept your nails are describes your personal hygiene without someone probing. Keeping them well clean and in good shape always is the way to go. Visit your salon after 3 weeks if you apply gel nail polish or after 1 1/2 weeks  if you use the normal nail polish.
  12. Buying products like foundation or makeup powder that aren’t the color of your skin – Like dah! you can only imagine the clone like look when your hands and your chest looks nothing like the color of your face. Before you buy makeup foundation/powder try applying a small amount of tester on your hand, blend it in and see how well it goes with your skin.
  13. Forgetting to apply an SPF cream before applying your makeup – I don’t know how well to scream out the importance of an SPF cream, but hey as per my previous article SPF cream is very very very important all the time. It protects you from harmful ultra-violet rays
  14. Drying your skin with too much acne treatment products. I know how much acne can troll down one’s self-esteem and it leaves you wanting & desperately looking for cure as you tray each and every acne treatment mentioned outcha there. This doesn’t completely help, it drys the skin, worsen the condition and make it more difficult to cure the acne. To save yourself all that trouble, just see a dermatologist who will advise on the best treatment to us as per your skin examination.
  15. To be Continued…………..

We learn from our mistakes and also from others. All the best as you correct the above.

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