Not all wig styles, color and size are for you. You gotta pick one that brings out the best of your face and complements your skin tone. You don’t wanna buy something that will make you look a totally different person from what you look like with your own hair.

I’m gonna share with you on different articles suitable/unsuitable wigs for my face shape and skin tone.
Each article will have tips about buying & rocking a suitable wig.
Here are steps to choosing best wig for you that flatters you face in a natural way;

1. Choose the right color. Put it against your skin and see how well you will look with it. Remember not all colors are for you and also be mindful of range of color shades.
2. Choose the right style that flatters you. e.g curly, straight, bob wigs, short/long, side cut/front cut etc.
3. If you have a forehead then go for one that shows and flatters your forehead at the same time.
4. Be mindful of the length – go for the length of your liking
5. Find your Cap size – Preferably go for the one with adjustable capsize to avoid it falling off.
6. Finally fit and fit first before buying any wig

Hope the above tips are helpful.
Here is a dramatic color wig that complements me and which I love too much LOL.
It goes for Kes. 50,000 Negotiable, to buy one call +254706896592 or inbox me @email: cc:


  1. One of the many reasons I love your work is because your website is so diverse unlike that of other fashion bloggers. Keep it up


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