There’s this bold aura that comes with a woman wearing a military pant or coat.They are so authentic,fearless and portrays the character of a ‘bad ass’ power woman who takes no shit from nobody and yet look sexy at the same time. Lol all this kinda come from the “Bad Ass” movie I watched yester’night. It is an old movie but I loved it. Coincidentally the man was wearing a military coat which was super cool, it made me wanna grab it from him through the Tele’ to match up my outfit that I wore on last Friday date with my girlfriend.

I styled my top into a crop top by tying it behind into a beautiful sexy knot – this was to emphasize on my waist and plus I just love the idea of a military pant with a crop top. The red cap and black ankle boots completed my awesome outfit.

I took as many photos as I could because I was just loving the pants that L’mor bought me.

Top – A Gift
Military Pants – A Gift
Cap – Belongs to L’mor
Black ankle boots – Cici-shoetic
Nails – Spa Pals Salon
Accessories – My wardrobe

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