Simply because it is the most visibly striking color on all skin tones grabbing all the attention.
I love them long with nice shape and all sexy.
I type, I stop,, I type, stop again, type, stop again, again and again just to stare at how well done and nice they look. Of course I admire myself and go like “damn gal, they look so sexy.” Lol you’ve got to learn to appreciate yourself before other people appreciate you.
Every time before I step out of my door I make sure I have checked, loved, admired and appreciated myself on the mirror, giggling all smiling with eyes saying “gal you are as fine as the stars in the sky”, “that outfit look good on your lovely body”, “aww that lipstick is the bomb”……it goes on and on until I’m done preparing myself. So yeah you gotta learn to love & appreciate yourself first.
If I have lost you on the way so sorry but I was talking about how I’ve dipped my nails (finger nails & toe nails) in red nail polish for two months. I can’t seem to get over it, no wonder red is the most popular beauty color when it comes to lipstick and nail polish, not to mention it is the color of love.

What does Red Nail Polish Speak about Our Personalities?
“Red is the color of love, emotion, passion and temptation. This color canโ€™t go unnoticed and a girl who prefers this tone, knows it very well. She loves to stand out of the crowd, she is coquette, romantic and bright, she loves attention. Love is the main priority of her life.” Beauty & Tips Magazine says it all But first you have to feel it in you. SPREAD LOVE ALLOVER.
That’s me & you if you are in red nails. Not to be selfish, it could be you if you apply it.

Nails done by Derrick, Spa Pals Hair Studio at Greenhouse mall
Photography by Shaffie

Spread love and peace tomorrow the Dday #elections

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Love ya.



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