We all love weaves, if not a whole 100% then 99.96% of women do love them. Just somehow somehow at some point in a woman’s life we use weaves. Not only black girls use them but even the whites do too.

We have heard of so many negative tales about weaves e.g some store maggot eggs and if not well cleaned, maggots might end up in your head, some stories are about cobwebs, funny smells etc.
Well the stories are all true especially for people who are into high volume wigs.
Scared? Oh no, don’t be scared because today I’m giving you tips on how to take good care of your weaves to avoid the afore mentioned calamities especially for human hair weaves.
These tips will make your hair look fresh, new and fine throughout.

1. Moisturize the hair in the morning and evening – preferably mix conditioner with water then spray lightly into your hair, rub in with your fingers, comb through the hair with a wide tooth comb then spray again until the hair is softer then style it the way you want if it’s in the morning or wear your sleeping cap if it is at night.
2. Make sure to remove any tangles/knots using a wide toothed comb every night when moisturizing.
3. Wash your weave with a shampoo and a conditioner after every two weeks to remove dirt, product build up, and
to keep the hair moist and healthy.
4. Thoroughly dry your hair to avoid mildew smell and mold build up.
5. Use antibacterial weave spray everyday when combing and styling to avoid moldy smell and prevent mildew from
developing in your scalp.
6. Cover your weave when sleeping.

Hope the above tips are helpful.
If you have more tips about the above topic, add it in the comment box below. Girls Gotta watch out for one another.

My hair – done at spa pals hair studio
Weave – Brazilian human hair.
Makeup by me.
Photography by Shaffie

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