We women are complex creatures, It will take you men million of years to fully understand us like the palm of your hands.

“If She Flinches When You Put Your Arm Around Her, Someone Else’s Hand Wasn’t So Sweet…
If she questions you, someone else lied to her.
If she doesn’t tell you things, it’s because someone once betrayed her secrets.
Behind every cranky, complicated girl, or girl who is scared to love is… A girl who is tired of being broken.”

There’s a reason behind every woman’s attitude or reaction towards a man.
Knowing that it may take you eternity to understand us, let me give you 20 things that you should know about a woman – saving you time to try and figure out your woman;

1. Don’t mistake our tears for weakness – Our tears means that we can really be vulnerable,genuine, compassionate, passionate show our true feelings because we are so real, we don’t hide our emotions. So it is our strength.

2. You should make her feel that she is the most important person to you in the world.

3. You can only build her trust in you by showing her care, love, protection and tell her nothing but the truth always. Remember a woman can loose her trust and confidence in you within seconds.

4. Be loyal to her and she will stand by you through thick and thin forever, loving you endlessly…Snap once and she will burn your whole kingdom to ashes.

5. Small things really mean the world to us e.g. Helping us with house chores, a kiss on the forehead everyday, putting toothpaste on our toothbrush so that it be waiting for us before we wake up, leaving for us love notes on the table, bathroom mirrors, bathtub, on the pillow etc., breakfast in bed, sending love sms, a nice massage, helping us with cooking..etc. It will make us cling to you like we clinging for our dearest lives.

6. Never forget her birthday, because the drama will make you to never ever forget it the rest of you life.

7. Keep your word. Never break a promise because she will remember the rest of her life and remind you every time you are at fault.

8. Don’t tell her lies – Her instincts are very strong, she definitely knows when you lying and telling the truth. We are better investigators than FBI’s. If she confronts you, you are safe, but if she keeps quite hell will be unleashed on you soon.

9. Don’t cheat on her and she will never cheat on you. If she leaves you, you are safe but if she sticks around and you still playing her you will definitely know who the coach or the captain of cheating is. Worse is it will take you years to find out that she is cheating.

10. We wanna simply be Your Partner and not your mother – A mother takes care of you wholeheartedly without expecting nothing in return, but in a relationship it’s a give-and-take situation, we also love to be nurtured and taken care of as much we are taking good care of you in and out of the house.

11. To us a man most Attractive quality is HIS HEART & CHARACTER -Yes , it is not about how thick your wallet is. and if we fall for that just know we have another man whom we love apart from you. Your faith, purity, character, honesty and integrity are more meaningful to us than all else you could offer.

12. A listening ear and your time are our most treasured and precious things in a relationship. Give us your time and a listening ear and you’ll definitely own our hearts.

13. Jealousy is normal in a relationship -don’t give us a reason to be jealous in front of other ladies, trust me you won’t like the drama, or we also might hit back hard in double portion leaving you helpless. Make her feel like she is the only woman in the world.

14. Don’t complement or appreciate another woman when she is with you, trust me we don’t take it lightly.

15. Try to communicate with her even when you are distance apart through sms, whatsapp, FB and other social media accounts reminding her how much you miss her and you will always be what we think of all the day of our lives. You go silent, we drift apart so fast.

16. Honor and respect her everywhere, never use abusive words or actions towards her because it will chase her away. Remember where there’s love there is full respect.

17. Show her care all the time, at home and especially in front of people at parties, events and clubs. Never leave her alone in a party,club or event – be with her at your side always in such events and public places it means the world to her.

18. Don’t compete with her on small things, that is why you are a man and not a woman.

19. We don’t like being ignored whether awake or asleep your attention 7 a listening ear is a very vital key in the success of the relationship.

20. Learn in silent her likes and dislikes and do according to them.

21. Never compare her with your EX leave alone mentioning your EX all the time. We don’t take that lightly.

22. We cherish that precious day,Walking Down the Isle.

23. Treat her like a queen and she will make you her King.

Now you know…
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