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We all fall in love, get excited, be allover each other until we get used to one another and we start revealing our habits and characters that were far secretly hidden in the safe for nobody to find out, or somehow we just got lazy in love and forgot to keep on nurturing and growing our love to another level.  No wonder some of us date the same person for years without thinking  of taking things to the next level #engagement/marriage.

It’s not unusual, it happens to many of us. Sometimes it is because we fell out of love long time ago but we still holding on hoping things might change or mostly for fear of not finding someone else to love us right out there.

We should never hold on to love that died long time ago at the expense of our happiness, for fear of being alone/lonely or just because of uncertainty of the future. If you are not happy, Get Rid Of It and find that person who will make you smile, laugh, respect you, care for you, and love you to eternity.We all deserve that.

Well this 15 questions will help you determine whether you are falling out of love with your partner or you are still committed.

No = 1,    Kind of = 2,    Some of the time = 3,    Mostly = 4,    Yes = 5   

  1. Would you feel more relief than sadness if you ended the relationship? ______
  2. Are you focusing more on your partner’s wrongs than his/her strengths that you love? ______
  3. Are you at fault of not reaching out and sharing your feelings with your partner? ______
  4. Are you absolutely sure that your unhappiness is due to your relationship? ______
  5. Have you turned away your partner’s attempts to care for you? ______
  6. Have you been withholding your own caring? ______
  7. Have you made your partner a less important priority in your life? ______
  8. Have you stopped putting energy into the relationship? ______
  9. Have you turned away your partner’s desire to make the relationship better? ______
  10. Have you knowingly kept your partner from what you are feeling? ______
  11. Are you feeling more alive and energetic away from your partner? _____
  12. Do you find yourself more easily and quickly irritated with your partner? _____
  13. Have you begun sharing private things you don’t like about your partner with others? _____
  14. Are you tired of trying to make things better? _____
  15. Do you find yourself more often wishing you were free of the relationship? _____

Well add up your scores. Out of 75 marks between:
0 – 15 You are still committed to this person and should try to work your relationship out
16 – 30 You are wavering in your commitment but still find enough in the relationship to wonder if you should let it go yet
31 – 45 You are seriously concerned that this relationship may not have a chance
46 – 60 You are holding on by a thread
61 – 75 You have already left the relationship in your own mind

Now that you know where your feelings are at in your relationship, make the wisest decision.

Article: Mskaela & some Questions by Randi Guther

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