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The cold weather in Kenya has been quite unbearable for the past one month, with showers of rains being experienced in most part of the country everyday. Apparently if you watch football you will realize that this cold weather full of rain is also being experienced in other countries too.
I caught cold flu at the start of the cold-rainy season and boy was it bad! The flu got me sneezing all the time with headache and sore throat for two weeks.
After taking medication and got well, I so decided to arm myself fully for this cold season.And so I do dress so warmly yet classy at the same time.

Well Gee has this flossy fur coat that I love so much during very cold weather season because it is classy, royal, luxurious and super warm. The fact that it’s kinda over-sized for me makes me looovvve it more. It’s like a blanket, the fox fur make it 100% warmer and so I always dress in it with no top on, just a bra lest I start sweating after 30 minutes of wearing it.
Sometimes I just carry it in the car, just in case it gets colder later that day.

Yes, I might be the only gal you will see walking with 8 inch stilettos on a grass, but hey I got my whole groove going on and so I just had to take photos where I wanted to and not where the rains and wet ground wanted me to.
Okay, so with everything red inside, white beaded necklace and black stilettos I threw on top this fabulous flossy fox fur coat to complete my look.

Photography by QC Creations (0710815204/0737836461)
Fox Fur Coat – Gee’s
Stilettos – M&D Boutique
Trouser – Sasa Mall
Necklace – Gift

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  1. This cold weather got me stuck in bed down with flu too…that heavy fur coat can do me good right now, it is too pretty


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