It is long since I wrote an article on couples closet, but hey I’m back with a casual outfit for a casual day but yet classy and fly.
When you wanna dress for a casual day with your partner, you wanna first want to know what your partner is wearing so that you can play around his/her choice of cloth to come up with a fantastic outfit that isn’t too off or overdressed from that of your partner.
Sometimes you can always choose what to wear together in such casual days, it is easier that way.

So this faithful day, we were out and about having some good time with our relatives before we each separated to do our individual errands. Darrel Gee dressed in a white T-shirt, black side pocket pants with low cut white Nike snickers. I in turn dressed in a cream-white body suit , khaki pants with white & green stilettos.

Body suit – Mr. P two rivers
Khaki pants – Adams market
Stilettos – Backyard Shoes
Clutch – Sasa mall
Darrel Gee’s Outfit – His wardrobe

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