Do you have an event , a date, a wedding or an occasion coming up and you need to look all fly with a fantastic beat face done for free?
I have good news to you. The Goodlife Pharmacy Health Beauty is giving a free Black Opal makeover #freemakeup. Yes it’s all free !!! The best part is the makeup artists will be using the most high-end trusted makeup brand in the world on your face,so you are sure that the results will be perfect.

Almost all the Goodlife Pharmacy Health Beauty will be offering the free makeover throughout, so you check with the one nearest to you for a bomb makeup.
Thank me later.

I got my face and my girls done on Saturday and I loved it.
Tell you what, I got a voucher and I was able to get my most coveted foundation from Black Opal called ‘Even True Flawless Liquid Foundation’ and MUA Eyeshadow palette-Glitter Ball.

I will do a video showing how flawless the foundation is with eyeshadow beat from MUA palette soon on my youtube channel.
Yeah I’m so 100% going back to Youtube videos so subscribe to my channel ‘Mskaela’ to get notification whenever I post a new video.

Here are some photos of the free makeover.

Enjoy the free makeover!!!


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