I just never have enough of black dresses, simply because they have a million and one way of styling them with all colors possible in this universe to camouflage into different looks/appearances, and that’s why whenever I have an opportunity to acquire one I don’t hesitate.

It totally took my eyes, my mind, my heart, absolutely everything of me when I saw it. It is just too small and too cute, so perfect for this festive season filled with cocktail parties, happy birthdays, get-togethers and all red carpet events happening everywhere.

I had nothing much to do so as not to take the eyes off the dress, and so I wore my purple stilettos then accessorized it with golden watch, golden necklace and golden earrings.

To get yours call +254706896592 or visit hereย to check many more dresses like this kind.

Dress – Ms Kaela Closet
Stilettos – Backyard Shoes
Accessories – My closet
Photography by QC Creations Studio

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  1. O my God this dress is so cute, problem is I’m so big for such. you are so lucky to have such a body coz u really looking awesome

  2. Jeeezz u look incredible. U look so sexy in this dress, what a hot body and such sexy legs too. U look so glamorous I hope u style more dresses like this, it looks stunning from the back too. Thanks for making my day babe!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ x x x


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