Finding a person whom you are completely intertwined with each other is very difficult, it is like gambling, but when you find one your heart will know. But to some of us it’s difficult to know especially if you have had some bad relationships and heartbreaks before; and so you are left in a position of not able to determine if he/she is a perfect match or not because of the fear of not wanting to put your hopes too high just to get heartbroken again.

Just a few weeks of dating we all grow cold feet somehow and we begin to wonder and be like “is he/she the right person or not? will it get serious or it’s just a flame passing by, do I have genuine feelings for him/her? Do I see him/her as the only gal/man in the world or are my eyes still wondering around? are we perfect for each other or we are just fooling around just to pass time?” Questions won’t just stop streaming down our minds of which some we have absolutely no answers for; which is very normal. So what are the signs to look out for that will affirm to us that we have found our perfect match or rather we are with the right person?

1. He/she makes you feel good about yourself – He/she complements you, sees the best in you, doesn’t tear you down when it comes to your shortcomings, weaknesses and general body appearance instead he/she encourages you, upholds you and make you feel like the only gal/man in the world. You feel confident and bold being around him/her because your partner bring out the best in you. If you are with a person who makes you feel the worst about yourself or makes you loose yourself negatively the you are with a wrong person.

2. Your ambitions & goals are aligned with each other;both Life and Relationship goals. When you start engaging in talks of what you want to achieve and accomplish in life, you realize that you both have similar ambitions. When you talk about relationship goals you find out you both want one and the same thing, that is when you know that this is heading somewhere.

3. You Enjoy your Time Together and Love being Around Each Other. That is the ultimate key in each and every relationship. If you don’t enjoy your time together and being around each other then you are 1001% with a wrong person. A person whom you enjoy going to events and parties together to an extent you feel naked and somehow lonely when you are not together in such kind of events, that is the right person. You just wanna be around each other for both indoors and outdoors activities, whether just the two of you or surrounded by family and friends.If that is not the case, FLEE FOR YOUR HAPPINESS.

4. You have the Same Core Values.That applies to your strongly held beliefs about social issues, religion, spirituality, finances, politics, relationship and family rearing. You can point out that this character isn’t right, you can both see a mistake or problem that needs solution, you both understand and view things the same way, you have the same blueprints when it comes to relationships and family, and finally you have the same religion beliefs.

5. You are 100% there for each Other. I mean he/she is reliable, He/she can do anything for you, he/she is there when you need him/her, he/she gives you his/her first attention. he/she weeps and laughs with you.

6. He/She LISTENS to you – The word ‘LISTENS’ is in capital letters for a reason. If he doesn’t give you a listening ear then there’s bound to be a communication breakdown between you. What will you discuss with a person who is not ready to listen? However much you love him/her your relationship will head nowhere because A LISTENING ear & Communication is vital for a relationship to thrive through anything.

7. You laugh at the same things/jokes – You have same sense of humor, you laugh/criticize at the same things/jokes. If you can enjoy and laugh at the same things then you will love the time you spend together thus making you grow closer to each other and love each other more.

8. You have same Deal-breakers and must haves – Deal-breakers are things that aren’t going to make you happy at all in the long run come rain come sunshine e.g he wants a baby but you don’t want, you are thinking of starting a young family #kids but he is not ready, Some habits & Character that you can never live with because they take away your joy and happiness; if there’s such, condoning such habits will make you grow bitter and so detached from your partner. Finding a solution to such habits early will help.But if you find yourself having the same deal-breakers and must haves then it s very easy for you to thrive.

9. You accept each other as you real are; So many times we try to change each other mostly when some habits/character/attitude annoys us; if we can accept our partner the way they are that’s great but if you know you can’t live with such kind of characters/habits/attitudes then just walk away there is someone better waiting for you outside there other than to condone grow bitter making the relationship toxic for both of you.

10. He/She is the first person you call when you get good news/bad news – Whether present or absent with them at that particular time, they are the first person that comes to your mind when you wanna vent out about some bad news or when you wanna share joyful good news with them. You are at ease talking to your partner about anything because you are so comfortable. But if you are always the last person to know, then know you already have a problem in that relationship.

11. You actually fight/argue with each and not hold it in – You know your relationship is mature enough to bear the weight of all fights that might come your way. When you are afraid to pour your heart out there when there’s a wrong because he/she might walk away from you then that is very dangerous.

12. You see a future with them – If you don’t see any future with them my friend you are wasting your time, get over it.

If all the telltale signs above are positive then congrats! you have found the right person, but if they are all negative, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope this article helps you in finding your right partner.


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