I just so love those dresses that you jump into them and they transform you suddenly into a gorgeous elegant woman with nothing much left to touch up like a wedding gown. They effortlessly make you look awesome whether with stilettos or no stilettos #magicdresses. The design just stands out on it’s own.They are those dresses that are soul captivating.
For such kind of dresses you don’t have to do much, just put on your favorite stilettos, do long earrings or studs, wear a simple necklace or just go with bare neck, put on your favorite bracelet or wrist watch, spray some nice cologne and you are good to go.

Here is one of the most sexiest dress -more so because it is red- and how I styled it

Dress from – Mskaela Closet
Stilettos – M&D boutique
Accessories – Gift
Photography – QC-Creations

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    • Hello Icon, that is an awesome idea and I will surely give it a thought and effect it, for now The couples closet has a bit of men’s fashion.

  1. Sexy indeed! U look incredible in this dress and I hope to see you in more like this soon. Your curvy booty looks gorgeous in this too babe. 😉 x x x


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