I feel like it has been a minute …Just yesterday we were celebrating entering 2017 and now we are about to say goodbye to it. It has flown by too fast but I’m thankful for the fact that it has taught me a lot in all the life’s quadrant. I have made some very bad decisions, some drastic decisions and some good decisions, in all the decisions I made; I have learnt, grown and became wiser.

There are those decisions that have me asking myself, ‘what if I had not taken them, how will things had unfolded otherwise?’ But then they say if it never happened it was never meant to happen and if it did, it surely had an important lesson/purpose in our lives, we just have to learn from it with no regrets.
I’m glad that many are the right decisions I made and if I be taken back to the start of the year 2017 I will still have gone with the choices I made.
I’m also happy that I have achieved 3/4 of the goals I had set #2017personalachievement, the other 1/4 I will definitely carry it forward to 2018; I have been able to kick start my 2 businesses that were very important for this year 2017 and I’m like ‘THANK YOU LORD JESUS’

Now to the LAST OF 2017, I have learnt;

1. Starting a business startup it isn’t easy, it just doesn’t grow overnight, it needs a lot of hard work and brainstorming
2. To ignore most of what people say but WATCH what they do instead or believe their actions.
3. For a business to grow faster one needs good connections and also good networking.
4. I’m not in control of other people’s actions towards me nor their actions towards other people, but if they try to drag me down in their mistakes or wrongs then I should distance myself from them or avoid having to deal with them because they are privileged to be a part of my life , it’s not their right and anyone can lose it if they don’t respect my boundaries.
5. To have zero chills over liars and manipulators. If you can’t tell me the whole truth then don’t tell me half truth, it’s better to remain quiet or keep off.
6. Somethings that I ignored and saw them of less important in life became very important when I was put right in the middle of them #tested
7. To never let anybody whatsoever hack down myself esteem with their words or actions towards me.
8. For my happiness, peace of mind and Joy to depend on nobody but me. #rahajipemwenyewe
9. To never lose my goal and focus of life over a person.
10. I have learnt to keep it real and be myself; accept or leave it.
11. Myself better, what I want in life and what I don’t want. I have also learnt about my deal-breakers in a relationship, friendship, work relations etc.
12. Sometimes certain things will never go back to how they used to be, anyways life goes on.
13. To never compromise on my core values and good morals in life to please people.
14. My peace of mind and health is my most valuable asset.
15. On Good Morals; a. Generosity in terms of willingly giving resources, help or time to                                           others.
b. Honesty – being truthful and sincere no matter what.
c. Integrity: sticking to my moral and ethical principles and values.
d. Kindness: being considerate and treating others well
16. One stupid decision can bring down what one has built for years or destabilize you for along period of time.
17. To be a fighter. To continue pushing forward no matter how hard the situation is.
18. The difference of being patient and wasting my time
19. I won’t always get what I want – As a normal person I have all of the life expectations; predetermined visions of what my “ideal” life will look like, but that’s not the reality of the life sometimes I end up with. A times my dreams fail and sometimes I just change my mind mid-course. Sometimes I have to flop to find the right course and sometimes I just have to try a few things before I find the right direction.- That is life, I just have to be flexible.
20. There is no shame to not Knowing, saying ‘I don’t know’, saying ‘NO’ and walking away from anything that threatens my peace of mind, joy and happiness,
21. To live as if there’s no tomorrow, to stop stressing about the past and also worrying about tomorrow. To Live Today
22. Finally I have learnt to close my eyes, clear my heart and let go of negative things and toxic relations/people in my life,
23. It’s up to me with the help of God to write&live my destiny.

My best 2017 quotes; 1. You don’t drown by falling in the water, You drown by staying there.
2. To accept what is, Let go of what was and have faith of what will be.
3. Wisdom is knowing what you want and what you need. Happiness is knowing what you have to
keep and what to let go
4. Stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happen.
5. We love others best when we love GOD most
6. Let Go and Let God Take over. #GiveGodroomtowork

What are some of the lessons 2017 has taught you? Let me know in the comment box below.

Many Thanks to God Almighty for This Far He Has Been Ebeneezer.

See you in 2018.

Happy New Year!!

Dress – Ms Kaela Closet
Shoes – Frances
Photography by QC Creations


  1. Ooh dear! That dress is so cute, and looks more gorgeous on you. Dresses really flaunt your shape, I’m so glad they are your signature outfit. And indeed, 2017 has ended in a flash but I’ve learnt that patience is the greatest key in life. Happy new year!

    • Thanks swirry, dresses makes the biggest portion of my wardrobe.
      O nice, indeed PATIENCE might be bitter but it gives back the sweetest fruits.
      Happy New year to you too swirry.

  2. Reading your article has made me reflect back on 2017 and realized how much of your lessons have been my lessons too. I’m trusting God for a better and bigger 2018. My greatest 2017 lesson being ‘Trust in God always and put not your trust on man’

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  4. It was so great walking with you through this year in your blogs and i share many of your life lessons too. Can’t wait to see what next year has in store my faith is it will be bigger and better! How about making things happen as a mantra. Cheers!

  5. You look stunning in this type of dress. I love the colour and your shape is breathtaking too. Such sexy curves lady. 😉 I saw a pic of u wearing a blue dress recently on insta with blond hair. I hope u will show that one on the blog too. x x x


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