Ways To Make A Long Distance Relationship Fun And Exciting


Keeping a long distance relationship fun and bubbly is always pretty much difficult, that’s why 80% of long distance relationships don’t work out. At the beginning is always so exciting getting to know your partner with a thousand and one questions to ask your partner, about his/her family, friends, relatives, hobbies, his/her background & upbringing, interests, likes and dislikes, types of games him/her love playing, favorite foods, restaurants, vacation-places etc. But when you have asked it all, the daily long chats and calls reduces slowly to a point you can barely have 5 minutes calls and chats on a single day. It gets to “hi hun” “hi baibe” “How was your day” “Great” “yours” “also great” then it ends with “nice knowing that you are well” or “I was just checking on you”. Soon one partner gets bored and cuts all communication.

How then can you maintain the fire of love burning when you live miles away from each other because of circumstances?

Here are a few ways to do so;

  1. Stop generalizing things. Discuss things in details both on calls and chats – Get to know what your partner did, during the day, any struggles, anything new that happened to him/her at work, what she ate, what his/her plans for the evening are etc. just make sure to discuss about everything and anything without limitation whatsoever.
  2.  Come up with things to do together  e.g Choose one series movie, a movie or just a TV program to be watching together and discuss about it. Check on each other where you both have reached. if your partner didn’t get to watch, update them on what happened on the previous episode. Buy yourselves a novel to read together and discuss about it, download a game and compete against each other, make a meal plan together etc.
  3. Always be bubbly and joyous when picking your partner’s calls. let him/her know how much you missed them and how you couldn’t wait to talk to them. express you love and feelings in all ways.
  4. Talk about your previous dates, how exciting were they, what you will both improve on, on the next date, how you’ve missed the little things you did together and make plans for the next date.
  5. Encourage more on video calls on Skpe, FB or WhatsApp extra in the evening or anytime of the day when you are both comfortable.
  6. Visit each other as often as possible – Meeting in person will spice up things more .
  7. Send each other surprise gifts, letters and messages just to make you partner know that you think of him/her.
  8. Plan surprise visits – They are always awesome and super fun
  9.  Make your partner your confidant and best friend that way whatever happens to you, your plans and all the juicy talks she/he will be the first person to know, talk and discuss with.
  10. Finally express your love fully with no limitations or shyness on calls and chats #getnaughty #getsexy #getexclusive

With the above tips you are rest assured that your long distance relationship will work.

I believe there are many other ways too to  make it exciting, What are some other ways to spice up a long distance relationship?

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  1. it’s always a challenge with long distance relationship but with these tips I trust it will work. Thanks for the awesome tips

    • I know to some people it is pretty much difficult but you can try it out , you never know things might turn out different.


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