He somehow managed to convince me to try it, and I must say it was the best decision ever.
When matte lipsticks were introduced to the market, it took the beauty world by storm and overshadowed all the other kinds of lipstics e.g glossy lipstics.You walk on the streets and you’ll see 90% of women rocking matte lipstics.
Now that matte gel nail polish is here, I couldn’t be any happier…soon it will encroach the nail art world just like the matte lipstick.

I tried for the first time matte gel nail polish at Spa pals Salon located in greenhouse mall.
It was done by Derrick.

What I love about matte nail polish is for the fact that it makes the nails appear classy & stylish with utmost sophistication. They simply standout.

How about you try it this month.



  1. You mean matte gel nail polish is available in the market!!! O my gosh, on it next week. I gotta floss it to my gals before the try it. Thanks gal

  2. In love with the colors n the simple dot on the baby pink gel nail polish, it is simple but so unique and classy.

  3. You really have beautiful fingers my fashion and beauty mentor. Is that an engagement or wedding ring?


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