It takes a strong heart,a determined mind and a bold soul to walk over to your crush and tell him/her what you feel about them, it’s never easy more so because some you don’t know if they’ve got someone in their lives or not whereas some hardly show the pinpoints of liking you back. But as they say at the end we regret the chances we did not take, so how do you know .that your crush likes you back so that you get to approach him/her and say exactly how you feel? And when I say a crush, I mean someone whom you seriousy wanna date #forsinglesonly

Below are some telltale signs that your crush is into you too:

1. They remember minut things you say.
2. They are quick to notice any physical change in you. E.g change of haistyle, eye glasses, nail polish etc
3. You sometimes catch them staring at you.
4. He/she treats you differently from other girls.
5. They smile at you as if there is no tomorrow
6. He brags or talkshighly about himself to you
7. He/she is always willing to offer a helping hand to you.
8. Spending time with is What he/she enjoys most.
9. He/she finds you hillarious and funny even when You don’t think so
10. His/her body language gives all sorts of hints

Now you know. When your meet that special one and your heart leeps, grab the chance.

Have a lovely week ahead.



  1. hehe that’s very interesting, but I am a woman how do I spike up a conversation without making him notice that I am head over heels with him?


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