There’s nothing more stressful and annoying than to see you belly growing each and everyday even when you are putting so much effort into seeing the fat belly reduce….people have come with a zillion and one ways of reducing fat belly that leaves you more confused of which one to  use and so you keep jumping from one method/practice/exercise to another to no avail.

All the practices/methods ever written or said none  works on it’s own. You need to to not only diet but also do the belly workouts and also drink homemade fat-burning juices that work only on your belly and abdominal fats to see great results.Some you are supposed to take them on an empty stomach in the morning whereas some you take them thought-out the day.

These healthy drinks acts as a detox, antioxidants, removal of toxins in your body, and increase body metabolism thus burning belly fats very fast and help you reach you weight loss goals within a short period of time. While you are on it try as much as possibl to avoid fatty foods full of cholesterol for faster results.

Here are so easy to make at home fat-burning drinks that burns belly and abdominal fats faster:

1. Green tea – it reduces absorpstion of fat from the food we eat. Now that its readily availabe in the market in different flavors, make it your favorite daily tea.

2. Lemon juice with honey and ginger drink. You can either squeeze the juice out of lemon, then add lukewarm water and grated ginger into it or cut the lemon into sizable pieces, grate ginger into it, put water and let it boil for three minutes. Put in a glass/cup after sieving then add 2 tablespoon of honey. It eliminates toxins from the body thus promoting weightloss. Tak it on an empty stomach every morning.

3. Cucumber + ginger fat-burning drink. Put  a slice of ginger in hot water and leave it to boil for 2 minutes,sieve and put it in a glass, add honey  then add a slice of cucumber inside.  Stir and drink.

4. Watermelon smoothie. It improves lipid metabolism resulting in burning belly fat. Blend Watermelon with lemon or any citrus fruit. If you like it really cold add ice cubes and drink on an empty stomach.

5. Spinach+lemon+ginger smoothie. This perfectly well works as a detox.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar  fat-burning drink. Put  2tbs apple cider vinegar on a glass of cold water, add a tablespoon of lemon, add 1/4 tablespoon of cinnamon, finally add 2 tablespoon of honey, stir and drink.

7. Salt + lemon juice fat-burning drink. It might sound so easy but it works so well in burning belly fat faster. You use either warm or cold water. Also take it on an empty stomach.




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