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It has been raining off-late and the traffic has been super crazy. This is the time where you wanna dread wearing all kind of white outfits completely until the rains end, because of the main reason that we all know; it can get dirty so fast with all the water splash and mud everywhere or get colored unwantedly with other throw on tops if they are of different colors if you get rained on.

But I couldn’t mind rocking this outfit last Sunday because it is super classy, good fitting, one-shoulder and of the right height. I can where it to different types of events; at the office, red carpet events, birthday parties, going to church, family gatherings and still fit in perfectly well.

I got it from at Ms Kaela Closet for only 2,500 shillings. Click on the link ‘Ms Kaela Closet‘ to grab yours.

I’m wearing backyard shoes that are slightly covered by the long jumpsuit .
Adding an orange with golden beads necklace and sunglasses made my outfit complete.

Photography by Najos Photography

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