I’ve struggled with chapped and cracked  dry lips for along time without knowing the cause. I tried all kinds of lips exfoliators homemade and bought products but still I wasn’t getting the smooth flawless lips especially when I apply both matte and glossy lipstick. And so most of the time from midday I will find myself biting my lips in a bid to try remove the chaps which of course made matters worse, because I will either bleed or hurt myself.

To try keep them flawless, I always removed all the lipstick immediately after lunch, apply Vaseline, scrub/rub my lips  with a handkerchief to remove chaps, then reapply the lipstick. But then it was sickening because it made my bare lips sore and red which after some three hours they dried and cracked some more.

After a long struggle that lasted for months, I started noticing some improvement when I missed a day or two of using my face soap and some face products which when applying to my face, it touched my lips hence making them dry. The soap, my moisturiser and some other face products were harmful to my lips because they are for an oily skin which works to reduce oiliness from face and when I accidentally touch my lips  with them, they suck all oil and moisture from my lips , making them dry.

Most women suffer from the same #drylips, which is annoying… And if you’ve tried all means like I did, Try effecting the below changes for a week
a) consider changing your soap and other face products
b) try to fold your lips when taking a shower to avoid applying your face soap on your lips.
C) when applying any face product that’s meant for clearing acne or any other face irritations, fold or let it not touch your lips.

I practiced the above and I’m now a so happy woman enjoying smooth and flawless lips 24/7 everywhere I go.

Let me know the results after a week of effecting the above changes.

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  1. Kumbe, I’ve been struggling with chapped lips for long, until I stopped applying lipsticks to avoid making the condition worse but now I know what to do.


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