stylish conrows

Compared to any other hairstyle in the world that involves plating, I prefer cornrows more. basically because of the main reason that I won’t sit down for long until my ass aches just being plated. Yeah yeah, I hate the sitting down for long, anything that could ease the long wait I go for it, no wonder I do more of wigs, my hair and cornrows in my menu.

So last weekend was my cousin’s wedding, I was in the house writing an article in the morning when my aunt said that there is a saloonist coming to braid her in the house and I thought, what a fabulous idea? and so faster faster we chose what braids to use. Same color of course for me and her. At first we thought of it being too much and crazy but then we thought why not?

I have seen many young women plating them especially teens and children but I’ve never thought of trying the crazy colors. It was a wedding, I needed something flashy and outstanding, and the color was the best choice at that moment. It came to the part of choosing what style to be plated, and my mind was allover, jumping from one style to the other. Finally we got a style.I had bought 5 packets only to use 2 packets, so yeah it is pocket friendly.

She did a good job that’s why I’m pleased to share her work with you because everywhere I go, people complement the hairstyle first before they could say hi. I wish I could take the photos the day after being plated when it was still freshly done, but then if you follow me on instagram @fashion_queen-mskaela you can see all the photos in my highlights #instastory.

Her name is Conny – 0718135996 feel free to call her anytime.

And o yes, I had a good time at the wedding. Congrats to my cousin and his wife.

Photography by Godia pictures

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