There are those times when you just wanna feel yourself, look breathtaking and enjoy all the heads turning to appreciate what their eyes are consuming as you walk past. Yes we all have that guilty moment and I ain’t spared.

Every woman/gal has that one dress in their wardrobe that they know is their favorite piece, the one that makes them look perfectly awesome and irresistible. It might be short, long or of medium height, or maybe showing some skin but its just gives you that A-game look when you wear it.

I Ms. Kaela takes all the guilt and enjoy just seeing more than one of such cute sexy dresses in my wardrobe. Allow me to share with you one of my guilty pleasures; the below black and white short stylish mini dress that I so adore. looking at it always makes me scared of adding an inch of weight, coz’ I know it might not fit me and that will make me so so sad so I’m really watching my weight right now.

And yes the Backyard shoes married the dress so well.

Photography by QC_Creations at Instagram
Dress from Ms Kaela Closet
Stilettos – Backyard Shoez

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  1. My eyes would be ALL OVER you if you walked past me in this dress!! The back is so sexy and your shape is gorgeous. You look really hot in those shoes too and your legs are beautiful. You are looking stunning babe. x xx


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