Easter is here already!! I just can’t believe how fast the months are flying by and yet just the other day it was December 2017. At this rate I need an extra 2 months for this year just to fulfill my 2018 goals.
But hey, it’s a happy moment for everybody allover the world to celebrate this Holiday in style with family, friends and loved ones. and so I have put together a list of exquisite epic places to visit this Easter to make your weekend worth remembering for the rest of the year. These are places that are in my TO GO list, like they are a MUST VISIT.

1. Mara Explorer Camp
Well if you love wildlife and enjoy adventure, Mara explorer camp is the place to be. Located in the middle of Maasai mara’s thick forest you will not only enjoy wildlife but also a private river frontage overlooking River Talekโ€™s wildlife-rich southern banks. What fascinates me most about Mara Explorer camp are the luxurious open tents with a deck on one side that has a Victorian claws-foot bathtub offering secluded open-air bathing, isn’t that super fun #openairbathing!! lol it just excites me.

2. Sopa Lodges Samburu
They have many branches allover Kenya but the reason as to why I picked this one in Samburu is because you can easily be able to see the vast land of Samburu National reserve, it’s hills and beyond. This is because the lodge is built on a very top high ground and if you love photography, you know how much such kind of a great scenery means. The best part of it all, it’s not in modern structures but that of a real Manyatta with a luxurious interior and plus you get to be served by the sons and daughters of their soil on #Samburu. I just can’t wait to set my foot there!

3. Hemingways Watamu
If you know the definition of luxury, well it lives at Hemingways Watamu. It is one of my very favorite destination , until proved otherwise.As they call it ‘Best five Star Luxurious hotel’ trust me I believe them not because of anything but because I’ve gone to the one in Nairobe and mehn! it left me wanting to live there for the rest of my life #luxury at it’s best. Apart from luxury, there are a bunch of things to enjoy since it is located in the middle of the Watamu Marine National Park; enjoy to kite-surf with friends, go for a tour in the deep ocean, wind surfing etc. It is one of ‘dream come true’ places.

4.ย Tortilis Safari Camp
An Easter break at Tortilis Safari Camp will give the most relaxed and fulfilling Easter ever that’s because they didn’t win the coveted ‘Tourism for Tomorrow Award’ for no reason, it is indeed Iconic. The camp overlooks the Great Kilimanjaro Mountain, has a good elephant viewing and plus you can go for game drives, walks, take epic photos and if so adventurous, get to enjoy bush meals.

5. The Red Pepper House Lamu
If you really looking forward to enjoy a moment of relaxation and fun with your family, Red Pepper House is the right destination. It is one of the most beautiful places to be this Easter. It overlooks the beach front and surrounded by a forest.Get to enjoy Lamu, it’s scenery, swahili culture, navigate the Indian ocean in a dhow, and enjoy Lamu’s diversity.

6. Southern Palms Beach Resort Diani
This is for the ones who wanna celebrate Easter in a grand style with your partner or family. Get to enjoy a nice dinner surrounded by water, swim your heart out in their two free form swimming pools probably the largest in East Africa and relax at the beach. It’s a place I will not think twice of going.

7. Sand River Masai Mara Camp
The thought of it being located at the bank of the river or being served dinner at the river bank makes it so fascinating and super interesting. I can’t top imagining the kind of amazing photo one can get from Sand River. I will quote “It replicates the heyday of exclusive permanent tented camps of the late 1920โ€™s. The interior fixtures and furnishings mirror this period perfectly, reminding all who visit of those countless Hollywood movies that have paid homage to a classic era of African adventure.” Now who wouldn’t want to experience a moment of their life in such kind of an exquisite place???? I definitely can’t be left out.









Photos Courtesy of the respective hotels gallery above.

I’m wishing you a fantastic Easter.




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